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Tech Section


In our tech section you will find links to numerous tech articles, which were written by FordSix forum members, the forum administrator, and/or various inline enthusiast. These articles are a great source of information for the novice, as well as experienced, engine builders and mechanics. We also included several magazine articles, which are full of valuable information. So pull up a chair, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and enjoy......


When you are finished reading an article, be sure to use your browser's back button to return to this page, as many of these links will re-direct you to off-site articles, or to the Classic Inlines website.

Misc Information
History of the Inline Six
Question & Answer Guide
Tune with a Vacuum Gage
Classic Wheel & Tire Tech
Classic Car Insurance
Small Six Specifications
Small Six Torque Specs
Carter Fuel Pump Modification
Understanding Oil Pressure
Brad Penn High Performance Oils
Ford Six Casting Numbers
Cylinder Heads & Induction
Upgrading to a 2V Carb
A Day on the Dyno
Cylinder Head Swaps
CI Alum Cylinder Head - Overview
CI Alum Cylinder Head - Porting Opts
CI Alum Cylinder Head - Flow Results
CFM Calculator (formula)
Autolite Carburetors
2100 Autolite Service
4100 Autolite Service
2V Weber Conversion
Ignition Systems
Spark Plugs Readings
Ignition & Timing Tech
Load-O-Matic Dizzy (stock)
DSII Distributor Swap
DSII Distributor Rebuilding Tip
DSII Distributor for Better Mileage
DUI Distributor Swap
Camshaft and Valvetrain
Valve Spring Tech
Adjusting Your Valves
Selecting a Camshaft
Static vrs Dynamic C/R
Degreeing Your Camshaft
CI Camshaft Specs
CI Cam Profile Cards
Fuel Injection Articles
Throttle Body Q&A
TBI Tech & Info
Using Jenvey TB's
Build your Own Mega-Squirt
Headers & Exhaust System
Ceramic Coatings
Headers with A/C
Walden Antique & Classic Exhaust
Future Article
Future Article
Turbo & Super Charging
Future Article
Future Article
Future Article
Future Article
Transmission, Brake, and Suspension
T5 Swaps from Modern Driveline
Adapt a V8 Bell Housing
Rack & Pinion Up-Grade
The Aussie Sixes
Australian Inline Six History
Adapting an Aussie Crossflow Head
Future Article
The Old 250ci
200ci verse 250ci - Swap Differences
Future Article
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