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Carter Fuel Pump Modification

Considering the stock fuel pump only puts out 3-4 psi, which which isn't nearly enough for today's performance inlines, we've had numerous inquiries for a high performance fuel pump. Unfortunately they don't exist, at least not for our inline sixes. Therefore the next best option is to make your own, using a Small Block Chevy Carter Super Strip fuel pump, which is capable of flowing 120 gph @ 9psi. Various SBF fuel pumps may work as well?

Stock fuel pump (left) verses Carter Super Strip fuel pump (right)

The first step is getting the parts and tools needed for the modification. For parts, you'll need a new Carter Super Strip fuel pump, an old stock fuel pump, and some JB Weld or Quick Weld. That's it. For tools, a 1/4" drill bit, a small grinder of some sort (Dremel) with a cutting/grinding wheel, needle nose pliers, a punch, and a hammer. A work bench with a vise would be useful, but it can be done on the floor in your garage. A small block of wood (2x4) might be useful too.

Start by removing the pin in both pumps. Your not worried about saving the old pump, so cut or grind off whatever is need to remove the old arm and retainer pin. Used the grinder to remove a small piece of metal over the pin stopper on the Carter pump. Next remove the front spring on the carter pump so it doesn't apply any tension on the arm. This will help when you go to remove the arm. Remove the pin with needle nose pliers. This may take some doing, but it will come out.

In the picture below, you can see the differences in the arms, as well as the springs and pins. Both pumps use a pin with the same diameter, hence no modifications are required.

Stock arm (below) verses Carter arm (above)

Next, install the stock arm in the Carter pump using the new pin and pin stop. Then use JB or Quick Weld to fill in the hole in the Carter fuel pump, where the pin was removed.

There you go, a SBC Carter Super Strip fuel pump made to fit your inlines. This is a great and simple modification that anyone can do in an hour or two, without any special tools.

Stock fuel pump (left) verses the Cater fuel pump with the stock arm (right)

If you need boost referencing, its just about a simple as you can get. Using an old piece of brake line or tubing, sand it smooth, and tap it into the vent hole below the diaphragm. Put a dab of epoxy in the hole and on the tube prior to insertion, just to make sure it stays put.

Cater fuel pump with Boost Reference Tube

Written By:
Ford Six forum member: hasa68mustang

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