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Welcome to Classic Inlines. If you are a first time visitor, please take a few minutes to read our welcome page. We hope you find our website interesting, informative, and educational. Our main goal is to provide all the parts you'll need for your inline project, whether it's stock rebuild, a performance street motor, or an all out race motor. We'll also do our best to educate you on the small sixes so you'll not only know which parts to select, but why. And if your still not sure which parts you need, send us an email and we'll do our best to help guide you along. All we ask is that you do your homework first. We get over 100 emails per day, so we simply don't have the time to start from scratch, or to teach everyone on a one to one basis. You'll find a lot of information on our website, not only on the products we sell, but just about anything and everything that pertains to the small six. Make sure you take time to browse through the entire website, exploring all of the sections, such as the Dyno Room, Magazine Articles, and our Tech Section, which has more than one hundred articles. If you need a little inspiration or some ideas to get started, visit our Photo Gallery, where you'll find photos of our customer's cars and/or their motors. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy your visit.

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell our products via the internet and/or over the phone. As such, we DO NOT have a store front or shop where you can stop by and visit. If you live locally and want to pick up your parts, please call first to make special arrangements. No walk-ins.

New to inline sixes ? Not sure where to begin? Check out "Q&A for Beginners".
Or you can check out our latest tech article "Flow Testing the Log Cylinder Heads".

We desperately need your old Autolite 1100-1V cores. We'll pay $75 for the core plus $10
towards shipping. The core must be in good condition and suitable for rebuilding. Thanks
Ship to: Classic Inlines, 603 West Pecos Ave, Mesa, Arizona, 85210
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
Autolite 1100-1V Electric Choke Conversion
If your having problems with your 1100 carb, and/or installing headers, you need to check out our new Electric Choke Conversion Kits. We have found that 9 out of 10 carbs have a warpped choke housing, which not only prevents the choke from working properly, it also results in a vacuum leak, which in turn creates a lean fuel mixture through-out the entire RPM range. Click here for more info.

1V Phenolic Carb Spacers
Classic Inlines now offers a 1V Phenolic Carb Spacer, which helps to prevent issues associated with heat soak (carburetor getting too hot due to heat transfer from the engine and/or exhaust), such as hard starting and vapor locks. Now available for both small log and large log cylinder heads. Click here for more information.

Fully Polished Aluminum Water Pumps
Classic Inlines now stocks fully polished, high quality, aluminum water pumps for the 170/200ci motors. The pumps are offered seperately and/or in our chrome dress-up packages. Click here for more information.

Saginaw P/S Conversion Kit
Whether you need a complete kit, or just the pump, Classic Inlines has the parts you'll need to get the job done. Saginaw pumps not only run quieter, they produce more pressure and flow better than a stock Ford pump. The Saginaw pumps are also thinner, giving you the clearance you need to install a DUI Ignition Kit. Click here for more information.

Universal 1V Replacement Carb
Are you sick and tired of the problems associated with your stock carb, such as hard starting, hesitation and flat spots, poor idle quality and throttle response. Now you can eliminate those problems by replacing that old worn-out carb with Classic Inlines new Universal 1V Carb. Available with an externally adjusted main jet, this bolt-on replacement carb doesn't need an adaptor, or modifications to the linkage, and it fits both the small and large log cylinder heads. Click here for more info.

Roller Tipped Rocker Assemblies
We are currently working on our own line of Roller Tipped Rockers, which will be available in a kit or fully assembled. The kits will include twelve roller tipped rocker arms, available in 1.5, 1.6, 1.65, and 1.7 ratios, and a new shaft. Reuse your old pedestals, springs, and clips.

240/300ci 1V-2V Holley/Autolite Carb Adaptor
You asked for it, so we made it. Classic Inlines now offers a billet carb adaptor which allows you to install a Holley or Autolite 2V carburetor on your 240/300ci 1V intake manifold. And we'll be adding more parts for the Big Sixes over the summer. See DETAILS for more information.

Classic Inlines needs your old 200/250ci rocker assemblies and balancers. We'll pay $50 for your old adjustable rocker assemblies and $75 for 2V or 3V balancers. We really need 250ci 2V balancers, as we don't get many shipped back as cores, and they are getting harder to find in the local bone-yards. Rocker assemblies must be complete and assembled, balancers must be in good condition and suitable for rebuilding. For more information on acceptable cores and our purchase and refund policies, please click here. We're also looking for good late model large log cylinder heads (1.75" carb bore). Pricing on cylinder heads is negotiable, depending on the condition of the head and any previous work, such as porting, larger valves, hardened seats, and so on. Thanks.
Ship to: Classic Inlines, 603 West Pecos AVe, Mesa, Arizona, 85210
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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