1. JoeCrozier

    All Small Six Interesting Article I found

    I'm sure some of the veterans on here have seen this before, but I stumbled across this article on the internet and thought it was great: https://www.suicideslabs.com/dw/engine/fordv8/smallsix/smallsix.htm With probably my favorite little snippet:
  2. arc_johniv

    All Small Six Swapped my head, engine won't start...

    Over this past weekend I was driving my '63 Falcon around when I noticed the temperature rising at an alarming rate. I overheated the engine twice just trying to get home (hit about 250°). Got home, pulled the heads and sure enough... Valves were ghost white. Rather than doing a valve job on...
  3. L

    170cid mod

    Have a 170 out of a ‘63 fairlane. Would like to use a fuel injection .. recommendations? I am not opposed to swapping out head if necessary and modifying valve train as applicable. I have plenty of mechanical experience but new to the inline 6. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated...