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    All Small Six Ford 170 i6 squeak/tapping noise

    Hey all! I am trying to trace down the source of this loud, inconsistent tapping/squeak noise. I've pulled the fuel pump, looked under the valve cover, and even removed the exhaust pipe (had holes in it), with no luck of finding the source. could this be from something not being properly...
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    All Small Six 62 inline 170

    Hello all and thank you for reading, I’ve been riding around in my 62 falcon it still has the factory 170 mated to the 3 speed on the column. Here lately I’ve been entertaining the idea of upgrading the 170 but through research I see there aren’t a lot of options out there. I have ordered a...
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    170cid mod

    Have a 170 out of a ‘63 fairlane. Would like to use a fuel injection .. recommendations? I am not opposed to swapping out head if necessary and modifying valve train as applicable. I have plenty of mechanical experience but new to the inline 6. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated...