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    All Small Six 1967 Ford Falcon 200 turbo budget build, need help

    I just purchased a 1967 Falcon with a 200 in it. I have researched for hours and its all blending together. So I am a novice to restoration and engine work. My end goal is to daily drive, but when I hit the pedal I want to go fast. Hoping to get about 20mpg and was thinking that a turbo...
  2. Crustang to Mustang

    200ci Supercharging or Turbocharging a 200ci

    For a first time engine builder which is easier and more cost efficient?
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    All Small Six Wheelies with a 200

    Doing wheelies with a 200... What are my chances?
  4. Crustang to Mustang

    All Small Six 200ci and 289ci Interchangeability

    I understand that this is a 6 cylinder but I was hoping that someone could tell me if 289 rocker arm will fit on a 200.
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    All Small Six 200 water pump

    I have a 200 6 cylinder that was supposed to be out of a 1975 garnada but block says 68. I ordered a water pump for garnada no a/c and it's way to long and impeller is to big. Any idea of what i need?
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    All Small Six No spark 68 200

    Well I overcame the misfire from the bad gas and about 3 weeks later another one popped up, but this time it was something else. Ignition, it would be fine at some times and horrible at others. Eventually it became if I layed on the throttle more than halfway it would spit and then die then if I...
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    All Small Six Head swap yielded lower compression

    1966 Mustang Sprint 200 package - Several years ago I zero decked the block and installed a Clay Smith 264 108 center lobe cam, but re-install the original C6 small log cylinder head with 52cc chambers. I was measuring 200psi for each cylinder with the mod. Fast forward to this year, I came...