1. O

    All Small Six 200 performance

    Whats up guys, I have a 200ci 6 on my 66 coupe and am trying to take the power a little farther. Ive done Willwood disc brakes and a magnaflow exhaust system so Ive commited to keeping the 6 and now looking for more power with consistency. Where should I start to make around 200 HP? Id like to...
  2. Flow Testing the "Log" Cylinder Heads

    Flow Testing the "Log" Cylinder Heads

    This tech article is a "work in progress". Information will be added as it becomes available. Over the past few years we've flow tested several Australian 250-2V cylinder heads, as well as our own Aluminum cylinder heads. However we've always wondered how the cast iron "log heads" stacked up...
  3. Mech4niq

    200ci 1966 Mustang coupe pre-build thread

    Hi All. New guy here both in terms of Ford L6 engines and the forum community. At the outset I realize that 99.9% of what I am about to ask is most likely covered in this forum in some shape or form. Digesting everything is quite a task for a newbie so here goes. I have a 1966 Mustang Coupe...