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  1. 1966Mustang

    Aluminum Cylinder Head Registry Data (View Only)

    Registry Form Here: 18OJ5jJYftA-CeFeL3SgJhp0Ee_ngQ-0I_WHqdVih3nE
  2. Dyno Test #2 - Mike Raley

    Dyno Test #2 - Mike Raley

  3. Dyno Test #1 - Kelly's Falcon

    Dyno Test #1 - Kelly's Falcon

  4. Dyno Testing our Aluminum Head

    Dyno Testing our Aluminum Head

    Classic Inlines spent a couple days testing various carbs on our new aluminum head. The following data is the result of fourteen dyno runs made while we were there. Original PCdyno
  5. S

    All Small Six 200 w/ Al Head - Been sitting for 12 years

    Morning everyone, I’ve got 65 coupe with 200 i6. It has an Aluminum head and alloy intake from classic inlines from what I’ve gathered. Holley 2 barrel sitting on top. After vacuuming out all the rats nest and acorns - new battery - fuel line to fresh gas…no fire. Points were getting power, but...
  6. Selecting Your Cam's Lobe Center

    Selecting Your Cam's Lobe Center

    Other related articles: Selecting the Proper Camshaft, Static vrs Dynamic Compression. While most of our customers know what lift and duration are, most have no idea what the term Lobe Center means, or how it effects the engines performance. Therefore the biggest obstacle to overcome when...
  7. Small Six Cylinder Head Swaps

    Small Six Cylinder Head Swaps

    Original Source: First, let start by saying that all 144, 170, 200, & 250ci heads are interchangeable.... and while the valve size, chamber size (cc's), and intake/port volumes (cc's) changed over the years, all of the small six cylinder heads will...
  8. Flow Testing the "Log" Cylinder Heads

    Flow Testing the "Log" Cylinder Heads

    This tech article is a "work in progress". Information will be added as it becomes available. Over the past few years we've flow tested several Australian 250-2V cylinder heads, as well as our own Aluminum cylinder heads. However we've always wondered how the cast iron "log heads" stacked up...