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    1988 300 efi to carb questions

    Hi, i have a 1988 ford f150 4.9L M50d. im doing a efi to carb conversion on my truck and so far i have everything figured out, except the fuel. I heard that the efi system uses around 40-50psi which is too much for the carb. is there any way to bring it down to its recommended carb psi (which is...
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    1988 300 Efi to Carburetor ?

    Hello, I have a Ford f150 from 1988 with a 300 6 efi. I have a 1975 Ford Carb Intake manifold and I'm looking to find answers if I could keep the original 88 exhaust Manifold and install the 1975 ford Intake manifold with a 2100 series carb. Will it play nice together? looking for answers please.