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    All Small Six Best 2V adapter plate for efi

    New here. There is a great deal on a complete FITech 39001 EFI setup in my area and I was looking to potentially put it on my 65 fb mustang with a 200i. Since it’s a 2V setup that is compatible with the 2300 flange I assume I could bolt it up using an adapter plate. Does anyone have feedback on...
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    Holly Terminator-X on a ford 300

    I know the terminator efi is not made to go on a straight six but could it. I see no reason why it shouldn't as long as both the cam and crankshaft sensors are hooked up properly with the system. Another problem would be the extra material for the two missing cylinders gauging that the v6...
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    turbo inline 6 build for f-100 sport

    Me and my dad have decided to turbo the 300 for my truck and found that a holly terminator will not work on the 300 does anyone have a way and this issue so we can do multiport injection or should we just go with the holly sniper EFI.
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    Build Thread 200cid (HiPo) Modern Tech Build: Holley Sniper EFI & HyperSpark Full System

    Who is running the fully Holley Sniper EFI System? Build Theory/Practice of a 200 with an EFI System: 250-2v DBL Roller Timing Chain Cam Adjustable Rockers (you get the point) Sniper EFI 2300 Hyperspark Dizzy Sniper EFI CD Box Hyperspark Coil Has anyone done it? Performance Metrics...