1. A

    All Small Six My 200 CI mystery

    Well, I finally got the time to pull the inline 6 200 engine out of my 66 Mustang Sprint. Time to post my experiences for better or for worst. I bought the car in December 2023 after several years looking for a Mustang or Falcon with an inline 6 200 with manual transmission. My rationale was...
  2. N

    215 Rebuild Kit Saught

    Anyone know where I can get a rebuild kit for a 1953 F100 inline 6? 215 cid \ 3.5 liter. I'd like to make this as easy as possible. Not looking to build a performance machine, just refresh and make it more reliable. I already have a gasket kit, oil pump, and timing chain set. Would like to find...
  3. arc_johniv

    All Small Six Swapped my head, engine won't start...

    Over this past weekend I was driving my '63 Falcon around when I noticed the temperature rising at an alarming rate. I overheated the engine twice just trying to get home (hit about 250°). Got home, pulled the heads and sure enough... Valves were ghost white. Rather than doing a valve job on...
  4. Duke_62

    Where to find 0.060 piston rings for 223?

    Hey, I’m getting around to rebuild my 223 for the second time after the moly rings that I used last time didn’t last long. I’ve checked a lot of websites but nobody has any in stock, anybody know where to get some 0.60 rings for this motor? thanks.