1. G

    Wanted 200ci rebuilt engine, good running engine, or parts to rebuild!

    My engine is shot, so looking to see what’s out there! Willing to pay for shipping, or if it’s close enough I will drive to come pick up! I’m in Louisiana. If I can’t find an engine to buy to swap, I’d like to buy parts needing to rebuild what I have. Looks like I’ll need a new crank, and at...
  2. Mech4niq

    200ci 1966 Mustang coupe pre-build thread

    Hi All. New guy here both in terms of Ford L6 engines and the forum community. At the outset I realize that 99.9% of what I am about to ask is most likely covered in this forum in some shape or form. Digesting everything is quite a task for a newbie so here goes. I have a 1966 Mustang Coupe...