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I need to do some mods to my front suspension. The decisions are many. I just finished reading this thread and my head is exploding.

How do I use 1963 - 1965 four-lug spindles on a 1962 Ranchero?​

My front end needs to be lowered at least 2". I do not know if the springs are correct as I just re-installed the ones that came with the car after installing all new parts in the suspension (ball joints, bushings, drag link, tie rod ends, etc.

I presently have the 13" 4-lug wheels and am considering 14" wheels.

I called Fat Man for their drop spindles. Turns out they only work with 15" wheels.

I am not opposed to keeping the drums but may want to install a disk brake conversion at a later date. If I am going to make any changes I need to know I have this option with the new parts.

  • Drop spindles are out unless I can find a source without going to 15” wheels. I would prefer to go this way if possible. I also would have to change the rear axles.
  • So I have been investigating using later model falcon parts as found in the above thread. This brings out many questions:
    • If I install later parts this will change the spindle bearing size which means new drums, tie rod ends etc. My other option is just do the disk brake conversion at this time. If I install the 65 spindles will they work with drums (not the ones I have now) but the drums that would have come with the 65 spindles. Does this change the wheel spacing in the fender well?
    • The above thread has me confused, use Granada “this” with Mavrick “that” Or Mustang “this” with some other part.
    • All these options require changing many parts spending lots of $$$ so I want to be sure they all go together.
    • Does the 14 “ 4-lug rims have the same bolt spacing as the 13” 4-lug wheels?
  • Is there a sticky on this website that addresses this? A list of parts that have proven to have worked together. I would just go to rockauto or NAPA and order everything but I would just need to know what to get.
  • I eventually will go to larger wheels (14”) but not right now. There are disk brake conversions (?) for 14” wheels so to install disk brakes I would have to go to 14" wheels which makes sense. I do understand the stock 13 wheel spindles are weak and the later model spindles are stronger so I would like to do this conversion anyway.
  • I am not building a race car but a grocery getter.
So basically I have to lower the front, for now, I will just use springs but leave myself options for later improvements.
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It appears this is a subject that has not been addressed in detail. I am open to suggestions but I would like specific parts that work together for my specific 1960 falcon. Changing spindles requires more than just upgrading to 14" wheels. I guess I could just get new backing plates, drum brake parts or do the disk brake conversion.
Any help is appreciated.


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Hi alwill923, many others and I have discussed these early Falcon / Comet Suspension up grades before, so were should we start? This basically all depends on your planed use and how far you want to go there isn't much in the parts coverage for the 1960 Falcon / Comet's, other than a few stock rebuild parts but that's ok there are much better parts that you can use. There are several different ways between the stock 1960 suspension parts all the way up to using the very best of the stock early Falcon suspension parts IE The 1965 V8 (5 Lug) steering linkage parts these have the very best of Ford's Engineering "Steering Geometry". doing the Shelby Arening UCA Drop, the 10 inch V8 5 Lug Drum Brakes can be used for a decent up grade and can be Re-Drilled to the stock 4 Lug for your planed 14 inch 4 Lug wheels or better still Disk Brakes also in the 4 Lug, which would be the Ideal (or you could also use most of the 1965 / 1966 Mustang V8 Front Suspension system parts except for the Center Link for that steering part you will need to use the 1965 Falcon / Comet V8 Center Link in it's place, these parts can be used with the 4 Lug parts too. The stock Ford 14 inch 4 Lug wheels were used until maybe until 1973 on the Mustangs, Mavericks and Comet's they are the same Bolt Spacing as your 13 Inch Wheels so they will bolt right on. There is also another 4 Lug Ford Wheel that isn't the right bolt spacing these were used on the Pinto's and Mustang II's starting in 1970. You can get brand new 4 Lug Wheels made in 14 or 15 inch too. Than there are some custom aftermarket Big Bearing Spindles and other parts made that can take it a little further having the improved Granada Geometry Moded to still work with all the 1965 Falcon / Comets V8 parts as well as the 1965 & 1966 Mustangs parts. Take a look at this group of posts it goes into some very good detail. Good luck. https://fordsix.com/threads/unexpectedly-acquired-a-free-62-ranchero-and-i-have-questions.83916/
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some related :

my '61 used original spindles and LCA/UCA's with 'small BJ' - LCA re-drilled/reamed to fit 62-65 strut rod fastener hole dimension. Scarebird disc brakes fit and worked well on early spindles, later swapped MAverick 4 LUG spindles and '65 LCA/UCA andV8 steering linkage. Scarebird discs needed added spacer and work well on the Maverick 4Lug spindles. most 4 Lug 14" wheels fit ...

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Thanks for the responses. They are a big help but I am still confused.

Power band used the original spindles; others used the 65 spindles. power band changed the strut rods to 65, can the original strut rods work if using the stock lower control arms?
I assume if the spindles are changed to the 65 spindles then:
  • I would need 65 backing plates
  • new drums or do the disk conversion
  • all new brake drums and brake drum parts
  • new hubs with new larger bearings to fit the 65 spindles
  • new tie rod ends (?) or adapter my existing to the new spindles with tapered shims etc.
  • New center link?
What I would like to have is a list of the exact parts to perform these mods.
Bubba said:

"10 inch V8 5 Lug Drum Brakes can be used for a decent up grade and can be Re-Drilled to the stock 4 Lug for your planed 14 inch 4 Lug wheels or better still Disk Brakes also in the 4 Lug, which would be the Ideal (or you could also use most of the 1965 / 1966 Mustang V8 Front Suspension system"

I like the sound of the 10 inch V8 5 Lug Drum Brakes redrilled to 4 lug or just go with 5 lug but then I would have to have the rear axles redrilled to 5 lug if possible. Then I would probably have to change the master cylinder which I just installed a new 2 stage master cylinder. At this time maybe the disk brake upgrade would be better and less expensive.

10 inch V8 5 Lug Drum Brakes from which car, a 65 falcon? 65/66 Mustang parts? Exactly which parts and what are all the things that are required to complete the installation? Will my 13inch wheels for on the V8 5 lug drums?

I think I have exhausted this subject. As I said a sticky would be nice. Again thanks for the replies.