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Steve N Grace

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Congrats Steve N Grace, on getting the Falcon running and doing the victory lap around the driveway! In case you might need the tune up specs for your Falcon to finish the tune up I listed them below. Best of Luck

1968 Ford Falcon 200 Six Stock Tune Up Specs
1. Sparks Plugs set gap to .034
2. Set the Dwell to 38 Degrees
3. Base Timing for an Auto Trans is 6 Degrees BTDC, a Manual Trans is also set to 6 Degrees BTDC.
4. Set the Carb Mixture Screw to the Lean Best Idle.
5. Set the Curb Idle RPM to 550 RPM for a An Auto Trans (Engine Warmed Up Trans in Drive With the Park Brake Set. A Manual Trans us set to 750 RPM engine warm up good.
Thank you Bubba, I will tweak the dwell and set the timing. Yes, it was a victory lap! Thanks for all the support.

Steve N Grace

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We had to cancel our plans to go to the lake over labor day due to the wildfires, but that gave Grace and I some solid shop time this weekend. We swapped out the master cylinder to the dual cylinder. It was a very smooth swap. We borrowed a wildwood proportioning valve off the 442 parts pile so we could mock it up. It was nice the MC fit without having to cut the shock tower brace.

We have to finish mounting the valve, make a couple of new lines and they we can move to the rear brakes and rebuild those.

Its been a little slow going here due to my work and trying to get some work done on the homestead, but it was nice to make progress.


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I'm following your progress on the 61 Falcon. In case you are looking for reproduction parts, Dennis Carpenter Ford Reproductions makes many reproduction parts for these cars and Ford trucks. You made a wise move switching to a dual circuit master cylinder. I have a 62 Rambler Classic that my late dad bought brand new in August 1962. The car is an original California model car with dual circuit brakes. Rambler, Cadillac and Jaguar were the first to come out with the dual circuit brakes as standard equipment that year. The brakes have plenty of stopping power. I look forward to reading your updates on the Falcon. I have 2 Ford pickups that were in my family since new as well: my late dad's 59 F100 and my late uncle's 68 F100.