1965 ford ranchero rear end swap 4 lug to 5 lug

Im currently upgrading my 65 ford ranchero 6cyl to v8 I did the front end Granada swap already. my question is, will Granada diff fit and work for the rear? if not, what rear end diff will work and fit?


... more info will probably be added but heres a few things :

Granada 8" is too wide to fit wheels/tires without modifying rear or car. '65 Ranchero 6 will have same dimension 4 lug axle as all Falcon 60-65 sixes and most will have 3.50:1 gearing. 63-65 V8's will have the 8" 5 lug which will fit right in but are not easily sourced anymore. Earlier mid 50's 9" may also fit but again are difficult to source anymore.

If your fabrication resources are sufficient , modifying later model 1990's 8.8" rear axles to fit has been popular on many threads on the forum.

Only 'simple' swap that doesn't require cutting to fit or moving spring hangars is the 70's Maverick/Comet 8" 5 lug which should bolt right in and moderate sized wheels/tires fit in the wheel wells. Maverick 8" with much larger tires may interfere with '65's wheel wells or prevent wheel R&R without lifting body so springs/wheels hang low enuff to get wheels on and off.

Maverick rear spring hangars are same distance as early rear (43"?) , Maverick spring hangars fit the early car springs using the Maverick spring plates or modifying early rear plates.

'61 with Maverick 8" 4 lug with radiused wheel wells for tire clearance and 'traction devices'

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Yes, a newer 8.8 out of a Ford Ranger Pick up, and or a Explorer is a popular way to go anymore... Im just not sure if it is too wide for what you need... Yes the old narrow 9 inch housings are rare as chicken lips any more. 57?-59? full sized Fords were narrow 9 inch, also a pre 78 Bronco with a 9 inch is narrow... But im sure your six cylinder Falcon would hold up fine to even just a 7.5 out of a Ranger or Bronco 2. One with a 4 cylinder should have the 7.5, for sure if its an early one... Good luck.