1970 Ford prototype/show car- "Mavi GT"


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That tunnel hood is really from hunger, but I'll definitely take the cast in place 3 in 1.


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AK Miller first did this for Hotrod Mag when the Mav first came out. On the 170 or 200 the carbs clear the hood so no scoop needed.

The 3x1 was actually first used by Ford on the 144 cu in 1960 Falcon to combat the Corvair multi carb models and the MOPAR Hyper Pak 4 bbl option on the Valiant and Dodge Dart.

The Edelbrock 3x1 made it to a dealer installed option, but not promoted or sold if my memory is still intact.


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its a shame they ddnt make that car. or atleast that head

I'll second that!

Don't want to hi-jack the thread, but this might be interesting to some. Looks like a prototype, but apparently was production. I met the gentleman who runs this site last weekend. Helluva nice guy. He put this Drag-N-Fly Kit on one of his mavericks....reminds me of a Super Bee or Road Runner.


Of course it's a bent8 and this was just an appearnce package IIRC...unlike the 3X1, but still pretty cool. He has it fixed up and painted lime green. Hopefully he'll update his website with how it looks now.


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theres one or two other guys out there restoring those. they were actually a dealer installed appearence package only avaliable through that pirticular dealership. wasnt done through ford its self. i just assumed they were trying to get a chunk of the popularity of the datsun Z's. i guess they are a pretty intresting piece of maverick history, tho i cant ever see myself having the ambitions of owning one


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thats actually the stock 1974-77 maverick bumper. they just extended it slightly further out so that the dragnfly nose piece could fit on


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For what it's worth, It would be pretty easy to recreate a Mav/gt. Once in a while on Ebay you can find some old Cal Custom scoops that would look great painted flat black ,they are cast aluminum and come close to that shape.