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Gday all, I have a 250 out of an XB that I am using in a Jeep Project. (most Aussie Jeeps out of their Brisbane factory, between 1965 and 1970 had Falcon 6 engines fitted and were called "Combat 6" models). I have a few carburetors from various motors and the one that will fit best for sitting under the bonnet is a stromberg version. It has no markings as to what model but appears to be very similar in appearance, single downdraught to the BXV 2, which the manual says was fitted to the XB models.
It is shorter than the BXV, which won't allow me enough space for an air cleaner.
Does anyone know what model it maybe, is it suitable to run the 250 and possible source for a rebuild kit? Cheers MITCHengine_progress2_may23.jpg
Bergs are all pretty similar within falcons sixes, smaller ones are in holdens, but different flange. rebuilds can be fround at https://classiccarbs.com.au/overhaul-kits/stromberg-australian. Recarb do hot up stuff. Perhaps athe small weber form XFs might be adaptable. For off road use some guys use LPG as its not upset by high angles.
Thanks mate, it is a start. The smaller berg I have fits the manifold as seen in this picture. I had a Landrover once with a holden engine conversion and it didn't like steep hills. This project, won't be something for serious off road stuff anyway. Its more a touring semi hot rod Jeep. As you can see, with a Jeep airhorn it will only just clear the under bonnet line. I suppose it all comes down to jet sizes? The BVX2 I have was new old stock that I fitted to my war jeep for a desert trip 14 years ago. The bloke from Carburetor Service Centre, who did the base conversion said it ran their 250 falcon test engine nicely, as it did with the Jeep on that trip giving me 5 mpg better economy than the original WO Carter. Unfortunately its a bit taller, so I need to go different. So you think it is off a Holden?
As a bit of an update to my first post over a year ago about flywheels. I ended up getting one made with clutch and pressure plate from Australian Clutch Services in South Australia.

No your berg is definately a Ford one. Maybe you could use a HD6 Su side draft carby with a 90 degree adapter, then whatever piping worked.
No your berg is definately a Ford one. Maybe you could use a HD6 Su side draft carby with a 90 degree adapter, then whatever piping worked.
Yep, it is XB Falcon or TD Cortina Auto 250 (BVOX-2), apparently thanks to Darren at Classic Carbs vide the small stamping of numbers partially under an angle reinforcement piece along the top of the fuel bowl. He has sent a kit and all hopefully will be good in the world. We will look at more performance stuff once it is on the road and I can disguise it from the MRS!!!!! Thanks for your suggestions.