31 Ford model A patina rod build


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So I sold my 69 econoline camper van and I guess the money was burning a hole in my pocket. Van wasn't gone for 2 days when I found a model A body with a Nicely started chassis. Front axle is '40 so it has hydraulic brakes, a 9" rear is under the back. One big problem is the 350/th350 that was nestled between the frame rails. Plan is to replace it with the 300 and m5od i have in my 83 f150.

The car has some pretty solid bones but will need a lot of work. I don't anticipate being able to drive it for a couple of years so if you follow this build thread then hang in for the long haul.


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since the car came with no means of turning the input to the steering box other than a pair of vise grips I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about a steering column. I had in my stock pile of random leftover parts from past projects a steering wheel and upper column from an early 80's ford 5000 dump truck
Diameter was a bit big, over 20" DSC02573.JPG

With a little cutting and some chain and a tapered bucket, a series of TIG tacks and the problem was solved

Some day when I get a bit of free time and some motivation I will mount it in the car with more than wire and extend the shaft to connect to the steering, but this small step is a step closer to better steering control, and I even managed to find the turn signal switch. Now I need to dig up some turn signals.......