32/36s on a 223?


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I am considering building an intake to use a pair of progressive Webers on my 63 223.
A little background, I am looking for smooth low end torque to cruise at 2,000ish RPM in a 56 panel with a T85N.
I have done metal fab and welding, so that part is covered.
My questions are;
has anyone tried that set up?
do you think I could make three of them work? (kinda counting on the progressive feature here)
I know I have two in my pile of stuff and there may be three.


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Several people have used the Clifford intake with the two Webers so don't think you will not have any trouble making that work. I don't know of anyone that's tried 3 of them but that will probably work too if you have engine set up to need the extra fuel, there were several of the old time intake company's that made a 3 X 1V carb intake for the 223's, i think some pictures of one as well as some of the rare Fenton Duel out Exhaust manifold. Good luck on your 223 build.


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Thanx Bubba.
I think I have the exhaust covered with a set of headers I found for 10 bux at a swap meet.
Still had most of the factory paint and only needed minor effort with a BFH to fully clear the 1,2 and 5,6 intake runners. :giggle: