65/69 Carbs/Carb accessories/Distributors


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Hey all! I have some stuff I’d like to get out of my garage:

1965 Load-a-matic distributor in good working condition. I swapped it for later model distributor.

1969 centrifugal/vacuum advance distributor in good working condition. Swapped it for electronic ignition.

Not Pictured: HEI distributor from Amazon (A-Team). Worked well, but needs to be curved for your application. Swapped it for Duraspark II.

Autolite 1100 Carb from ‘65 Mustang. Can’t really tell, but I’m assuming SCV. Unknown condition, but appears to be complete (minus choke housing).

Autolite 1100 Carb SCV carb taken apart. I have most of the parts to put it back together, but I’m unsure if I have it all. It’s definitely a good core as it was being used until I swapped the later carb/distributor combo in.

Autolite 1101 (large bore) complete and works well. However, the plastic piece that connects the choke mechanism to the choke blade is broken (I 3D printed a piece that worked for a while. It’s purple in the picture).

Original warming plate for under carb (small log)

Large log carb plate

Large bore 1V to small log adapter from vintage inlines

Large bore 1V spacer

Distributor hold down

Coil bracket

Coil (unknown condition or application)

If you want something, make an offer. If you have questions, let me know. I’m located in Florida at 32955, but also willing to ship.
Hi 65-Stang,
I just bought a cobbled together '66 and think I need one of the carb spacers you have. Possibly one of the distributors too.

Joined this site last night after stumbling onto it from either Vintage Mustang forum or All Mustang forums, so not sure if I have PM rights yet?

Let's try to connect today if possible.



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Hey, there, I just got a large-bore head and have had a tough time finding anything.

I'm in need of a spacer and did you say you had a carb to fit the larger opening too?

To clarify, I've got the C9DE-6090-M casting number on my manifold/head with a 1 3/4" bore.