66 200 cranks no fire


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Ok , threw a new coil on , hooked jumper cables from pos terminal on coil to pos on bat .. ground is grounded … hit the starter with a hot wire , engine cranks but won’t fire . Coil is new … haven’t checked timing but cap n rotor look good , I just want to to do a lil sputter n spit before installing into the car . I did notice only one wire going from distributor to coil , as opposed to the dist in the 144 having 2 wires , one yo each terminal on the coil . According to the schematic I’ve read , that’s correct . Does this thing have to go through the solenoid to fire ? The 144 I have did not , but might be a totally different ignition system . Ty in advance .


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The 144 six and most Distribitors to 1965 are the same if your 1966 is a California emissions spec then the Distribitor is one of the better duel advance type Distribitors in any case they will both should be wired exactly the same. On any point type distribtor ignistion system, your distributor's wire always goes to the - / Negative coil post (or if it's a genuine Ford coil it wil say Dist.) this coil post does not get hooked up to a ground. On the coils + / Positive post (or if it's a genuine Ford coil it will say Bat.) this brings the power through a resistor wire reducing the voltage down to about 6 to 8 volts from the ignistion / key switch with it in the run position. When the ignistion switch key is in the starting / cranking postion a full 12 volts is sent to the + Posative coil post from the I termanal of the starter solenoid. If after you have the ignistion system wired up correctly it still dosent have any spark then check that the points are set to the proper gap and that the contacts are clean a point file can fix that problem. See below for a simple 1966 Ford Ignistion System Wiring Diagram, Good luck

Ford Points Distributor Wiring System


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Well this is where I’m at now , replaced points , hole was burned through a contact point . I’ve timed it , I’ve checked spark . No fire . Even took valve cover off .
Things seem to be moving but I hear blowback through the top of the head .

this engine won’t fire . I’ve got all cylinders with pb blaster and valve train … if this thing doesn’t fire , oh well . The 144 I have I. The garage runs . Kid gets what he gets . Suck it up butter cup