Build Thread 67 Mustang Coupe Build


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Thought I would start a thread separate from my engine build thread.

I have a 67 200/C4, 3.20 Power Drum Brakes. Rust free, good driver, although I think a cam lobe is wiped.

Im swapping in a 250, C4, 8in - 2.79, 5 lug power drum brakes.

While the block is at the machine shop Im working on the 5 lug swap. Fronts are ready to bolt on, the axles are out of the rear end for seals and bearings. I also have a set of 14x6 GT rims that I will put my full wheel covers on with 215-75-14 WWs.

Pics tomorrow.
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Garage is getting busy. 8in for my 67, 8.8 out of my 97 Cobra, brakes, wheels, bikes, wifes car.

I need to get some things completed before the block comes back.


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Todays progress:

Dropped the wheels off to have the new tires installed.

Dropped the rear brake backing plates off to have the bosses where the shoes ride repaired. Three of them had grooves.

Dropped the axles off to have new bearings pressed on.

Bought all the gaskets and seals I need to install axles and brakes.

Primed axle housing.

Edit: Gave the new to me front drums a good once over, didnt like what I saw, so ordered new bearings, shoes, cylinders, already have new hoses and everything else looks good. Going with 2.5 vice 2.25 shoes, looks like there is room for them.


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Sorted some issues out this week:

My research shows that the 1967 200/C4 u-joint is the same as the 289 u-joint. I think my driveshaft will bolt up to the 8in yoke without a u-joint change.

I couldnt ID the front wheel bearings, so I ordered new bearings and seals for the hubs. When the spindles changed in 70, they used different bearings. Any year hubs work as long as you use the correct race and bearing for your spindle diameter.

I planned on bolting up the front brakes as I bought them, but once I gave them a good lookover, I tore them down. All Im keeping is the drums, backing plates and hubs, everything else is new. BTW: 2.5in shoes will not fit the 2.25in backing plates.

Axles have bearings pressed on and are ready to be picked up.

Rear pinon yoke is derusted and ready for paint

All four backing plates are painted and ready for assembly.

The flu has been going around, Ive had it all week, my machine shop has not done any work on the block due to workers being ill. I still dont know deck height so I can figure out CR and internals.


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Flu is kicking my butt this weekend.

Races out of hubs, hubs cleaned up. I think Im going to have the drums turned.
Front backing plates ready for assembly.
Rear end painted.
Rear end is ready for seals and reassembly.

Looks like next weekend for the 4 to 5 lug swap.

Only a month behind schedule.


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8in is in.

Need to bleed the brakes and work on the hand brake cables. (My car didnt have one.)

driveshaft and u-joints bolted right up.

Having some issues with the new brake lines, so no brakes.

Fronts are ready to go on.

Tires are 215 75 14. I hope they are not to tall.

Wheels are 14x6 Torino GT.

I hope to be completely 5 lug and on the road by the weekend.


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Nothing done this weekend.

I had to do some needed maint on my Fusion and Civic. Those are my two work cars. The Fusion gets about 1200 miles a week and the Civic about 600 miles a week. The Civic just hit 300k.


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Its been a long month.

Im 5 lug all around. Bled, adjusted and working.

My car is missing the bracket on the passenger floor pan for the hand brake cable. Ive got a plan to use an eyebolt through an existing hole in the frame rail. Hope to have that installed and working this weekend.

I think my booster needs a rebuild.


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That is a lot of work you have done and it will pay off with all those upgrades. Definitely will enhance your driving experience.


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Nothing significant to report.

Ive been busy with work, yard work, house and grand kids so the cars have been on the back burner.


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Slow going. Discovered the heater core leaking.

Thought it would be a quick core replace. Noooooooooooooooo. Control cables shot, heater box has no seals, no defrost vents.

Pulled the heater box, firewall pad, driver vent, carpet, seats.

Bought necessary replacement parts.

Cleaned up pan, dyed carpet, replaced heater core, rebuilt heater box, replaced firewall pad.

The passenger cowl is in excellent condition, the driver side, not so good.

I cut out the hat, derusted what I can reach and am about to install a plastic repair hat. Its the best I can do from the inside and will hold for a few years since I keep the car inside.

Once the interior is back together I will move under the hood.


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I had too fix my heater core too on my 69 Falcon . My car was a weekend warrior for nine months before I got around to it . Keep up the good work !


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Anybody have any comments on an aluminum heater core???


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Picking up a fresh shortblock on a 250.

Pretty sweet deal, oem specs. I think I will change the cam and shave the head to bump compression, then its going in.