94 4.9 short bed single cab


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Howdy from south texas. I picked up this little gem right after christmas (my christmas gift to myself) for quiet a bargain. The hood is rusted out, the ps door only opens partially due to rubbing with the ps fender... the very next day i went to the somewhat local picknpull and found myself a pristine hood and door, they are not the same color but the truck is not gonna stay green... im hoping to start on this project next weekend by doing a compression check to see what condition the engine itself is in... i want to get it up and running to do a little trip across texas (south to north) then the performance build will begin... i want to take this truck thru three stages... running/driving daily, then hot rodded NA build, and lastly a turbo build... everyone does V8 builds so why not some love for the 300... and incase you made it this far and are wondering, its got the E4OD transmission and factory highway gears on the rearend. Stay tuned for the build!


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That's a decent looking 1994 F150 well worth putting some work into. I had a 1994 F150 XLT short bed also the 4.9 300 had the 5 speed with 3.08 rear axle miss not having it now. Best of luck on your repairs!


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This looks like a fun project.

A turbo build is a very different build than a naturally aspirated build.
The turbo build is low compression compared to the high compression naturally aspirated combination.
You can have a 500 hp turbo build that will serve well as a daily driver


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Well here was the start of my project, i had a couple of hours yesterday to open the garage door and get my hands a little dirty... you would think i would be tired of wrenching from fixing fire trucks all week long huh... well the plan is to hopefully do a compression check this weekend so yesterday i just gave myself a head start moving things out of the way and clearing some things i dont want... like some of the components for the smog pump, cleared out some bad wiring, found some old parts that will help me with my build... im wanting to make the engine bay as clean looking as possible when its all said and done.. im in south texas and with the exception of last week, i really dont need a heater (gonna get an electric one instead for the rare occasions) and with that i can get rid of the heater lines... again im in south texas so AC is a must unless you like driving in a hair dryer so that will get fixed... later ill get rid of the EGR cause i dont believe in exhaust gas regurgitation, its only good for warming up your engine when its cold and i say again South Texas lol... if anyone wants to call dibs on the emissions stuff hit me up and send me what you want and just pay for shipping... i will be replacing the cat for a newer pair of universals and will probably do dual glass packs as well, not for the sound so much as for the flow... well enjoy the pictures for now


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