anyone here from foureyedpride?


We have, or had, at least one other guy who was a fan of 4-eyes. I can't remember his screen-name though.
I remember him being real active a couple years ago, not sure if I've seen him in a while


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I have been on there too while researching info on the Fox chassis Mustangs and Capri's (y)


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I stop by there 2-3 times a week. I dont post much there, or here for that matter, but I havent had time to do much of anything to either of the vehicles since the kid arrived. The zephyr's due for new rings, exhaust, and some body work. Sadly its a 4cyl and not a 6, but im starting to like the little 2.3 quite a bit - not as much as the big six in the truck though :eek:


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Asa":4enbms40 said:
We have, or had, at least one other guy who was a fan of 4-eyes. I can't remember his screen-name though.
I remember him being real active a couple years ago, not sure if I've seen him in a while

i know who you are talking about, he lived in indiana if recall correctly. had lots of issues with trying to keep his mustang from time to time. he was building an 81 at the time.

JackFish":4enbms40 said:
I'm over there too, but I'm from here. :hmmm:

me too.


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FairmontAddict":1l0e85vb said:
Nice to meet you guys, but I think I will stick to the other boards since I already know everyone over there

why not post on both boards? get to know us here, and join the insanity. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Unfaithful double dippers, sheeshh!

Its all because Ford saw fit to strap 85 to 91 hp of rippling, ever reliable T, B and X code 3.3 grunt into the rails of a few Foxes from 1978 to 1983 that made double dipping into other forums fun. :beer:

Although the 3.3 Fox had more than 155 lb-ft, which was greater than the 2.3 and 2.4 Turbo Diesel, it was Fords most anemic Fox engine ever, most of the 2.3 Lima variants and certainly even the Lame, gutless L code 1984 Lincoln LSC 2.4 Diesel had more hp. ... -with.html
and ... viewfull=1 ... ory-Diesel ... cars/page6

Those engines never stayed below the 100 hp figure like our paper weight did. At least Lincs200 and First Fox have redeemed the 200 Fox engine as the "easiest engine to get 7 seconds of the standing 1320 feet and a 200% power boost".

It wasn't for no reason that Canadian Automobile Protection Association's Phil Edmonston, c.1985 said "the Mustang/Capri duo offer the best value on the market-sports car thrills without the sports car prices.They are the most under-rated vehicles around".

And it was Vaughn Gittin Jr at 1.56 ish mins on this video who said "Seriously, Fox bodies are one of the best kept secrets of drifting"

The dual citizenship members JackFish mentioned above, and in this viewtopic.php?t=58164 , plus stalwarts like
Funky Cricket,
Parkwood 60 (BRWSaver),
81Capri200 (TerryMWalsh),
Stormin' Norman,

and there are lots more, but I've probably breached aspects of common freedom of assembly association principals.

JackFish, in including these others, mass hysteria is another prospect to consider, in addition to madness and insanity. :nod:

As one of my five bosses says..."you are a borderline case. Our society lets you go free and at large, Deano, because if we had to lock you up, a lot of very sick people would have to be released".


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Double too.

As most know I had the 4-eyed '80 Stang notchback with 200 L6, and loved it. My nick comes from that. Sold the car...been quiet here for a while.

I still love the fox-bodies a lot. I've got a 1979 Indy Pace car (V:cool:, a 1980 hatchback (somebody converted from I4 to EFI V8, and also the looks to 87-93 style thus it is not a 4-eyed looking anymore, unfortunately), and my company owns a real 82GT in project state...sorry, none of these are L6.

But I love the L6 still, I've got two 250s and one 200 under the table, plus the complete 203cid with aluminum head from my '80 Mustang NB...I managed to buy it back.

I would not have written this if there would not be a slight rise in activity here for me...due to some plans with the 250 blocks and the alum head.


HOwdy All:

Count us in to, as Double Dippers on the 4eyedpride site. My brother, Dennis just acquired a 1978 Mercury Zephyr Z7. Plans are tentative, but for now just clean it up and enjoy driving it. Auto, air and the social joys of bench seats. Ahh, faded memories of my wasted youth. Anyway, we'll be here- we'll be there. Kinda like dual citizenship.

Adios, David


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Y not - I havea "seeking fox waggy" advert there.
Loved it when the AWD/4WD thread started...