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What diameter cutout would I need for my 2014 f250? I want to place it on the pipe(intermediate?) right before the rear axle. Also is this the best place for it? I would think so since I want the sound to come out pretty much at the back not directly under the truck to reduce cabin noise a bit. Thanks in advance to the Gurus......


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Prolly have to measure the pipe, and order whatever fits.
I've never enjoyed the resonance of a pipe under a pickup bed, though.


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Wont make much difference. The cats on the gasser superduties are terrific mufflers. I should know, one on my 08 was just stolen. I have a borla muffler on it and it was mellow. The other cat fell off so i just replaced with straight pipe to the muffler. Much louder now, but still mellow at cruise rpms.