Driver Side AC Compressor (Old Air Products)


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Anyone have experience with the driver side mounted AC system from old air products for 65 mustang with a 200?

I am interested in purchasing the system to avoid all the clearance issues with headers and potentially a turbo on the passenger side, but I don't want to create new clearance issues with a DUI distributor on the driver side. I'm wondering if anybody has seen or installed this system and knows whether there will be clearance issues with the distributor on the driver side.


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At least one of our site members "tdlund" bought and used the Old Air Products Kit reported back that it was an easy install. Generally most of these AC kits fit with very little work to adapt with a set of headers. In most of those cases when used with a set of headers the compressor bracket only needs to be spaced over about an inch to clear the header. Another way mightbe to make a couple of simple small link pieces to weld to the stack AC bracket to use to move the compressior over until it can clears the header. The DUI is a problem fitting with power a steering pump, if you have plans call for using power steering that then the Ford DuraSpark II is the better choice for good fit. Best of luck
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