Dual Battery setup suggestions?

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Ive got an 81 f-350 dually 4.9 flatbed. I plan on installing some hydraulics to make it a lift bed.
I like it!

My 74 F-350 "White Ox" has an electric-powered hydraulic scissor hoist that I use frequently around the farm.

I always figured that I would need to upgrade my alternator/battery setup, but after several decades of steady use I probably won't bother.

It still has a 65 Amp alternator driven by a single belt and a single Walmart regular-duty battery and stock sized cables.

HOWEVER, when I raise or lower the hoist, I ALWAYS rev the engine up to ~2000 RPM to ensure that the alternator is carrying as much of the load as possible.

I haven't even licensed this truck for 3 years now so it never leaves the home place. It rarely gets out of granny gear or reverse nowadays, so it doesn't get extensive driving to charge the battery. I just did the annual oil change last week and it totaled exactly 55 miles in just over one year. I have never needed to put an external charger on it and it starts right up (this little 300 starts with VERY little cranking).

I used to used Optima batteries in everything and they used to be quite good, but in the last ten years I have been very disappointed with them. I will probably never buy another Optima battery.

Do bear in mind that my usage is quite different than most folks, and I am never very far from help if I do have a failure.

Your mileage may vary.
Good luck on your project.

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My Triumph Tiger motorcycle calls for a dry cell battery, ( pricey ). For a while they were lasting about 11 months, and the warranty would pick that up. The guy at the Battery store said the new fangled Dry batteries work well, but dont last any longer than the old wet cell batteries. I finally put in a wet cell battery that fit a different model Triumph, and ran a vent hose down. After that i have got 3-4 years out of a battery now, ( normal ). And they cost almost half the price.
I guess you can use the yellow top Optima which are AGM batteries and do good work well for both a deep cycle battery and also a starter. I can honestly say that I'm not a professional and I just suggest you because I had a similar problem and my brother who obtained a great job (I'm proud of him) and now works for https://batterytools.net/ could help me fix my problem. But I don't understand how he did it even now. Anyway, he has a special talent and I'm happy that he could fix my problem. We are so different, even if we are brothers and grew up in the same family.
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