Early Falcon Wagon Upholstery Pattern


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Back in the 80s I came real close to buying an early Falcon wagon. It was in great original condition, never restored. The vinyl seats had an elaborate kind of "Western" theme embossed in them, with small figures of horses, cattle, cacti, wagon wheels, BBQ, etc. Was this an original option in a Falcon? I've never seen anything like it since.


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Yes that was the original pattern that Ford used in some of the Falcon models, I believe this trim level was used in the base models. My uncle also had a 1964 Falcon Ranchero that he bought new and it also had a seemular Western Theme embossed patteren on the vinyl seat too.


'remember my family's '60 wagon had the brown-ish vinyl embossed with western pattern and rubber mats. The base' family wagon had OEM heater delete and dealer installed heater never properly sealed up the top-hats and always cold in winters.

My '63 'delux' wagon had broken springs, no brakes , bad motor, amateur rust repairs and typical roof rail rust. Front seat cover is shot BUT the Falcon embossed delux rear seat was/is almost perfect. PO never raised rear seat and had covers over rear door handles , probably only used as delivery vehicle.

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