EB Hood Clearance with Weber 32 36 vs Autolite 1100


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I am looking to upgrade my 170 to a late 200 with the large log (I now have an E0BE head). I'd like to use a Weber 32 36 with the Vintage Inline 2v to 1v adaptor(s). But what about hood clearance? Does anyone have this set up with their Bronco? Did you have to modify anything to get it to fit? (BTW, I actually have a Universal 1904 carb on now.)

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i'm a bit of the bronk (& other '60s/70s typical ford low hoods) holder of options. As its a bronk we have one more (SL) than the sedan/coupe guys. Its been so long I don't see my standard response on my desk top 4 a C&P here. Let's C if I can remember them all:
1) hood scoop (not 4 me as its non oe looking & wanna flip dwn w. shield)
2) 2v direct mount is a performance mod but wrks here also https://fordsix.com/ci/LogMods.html#2VC
3) BL
4) ac housing changes (drop base oem, remote carb hat etc)
5) SL (yes, in some cases they help 'raise the hood')
6) low rise carbs (RBS, 1100)
7) tower (frame) or (motor) mount or both (on mine the late Mav mounts wrked when 'sloted dwn' or 'egged out')
8/ seem 2B forgetting one here....
Unless its a combo of 2 or all of the above. A hunka modeling clay judisiciously placed (w/precautions abt contamination of parts) placed ona air horn (may B some film placed in the throat to keep clay out of the cc?) can show how close U R to proper hight after closing hood - can B some eyes where none can go...
Take care in use &/or selection of those adapters ! U already have a low hood. Think abt some use of #2 in some way. The H/W progressive is one of my 2 or 3 fav carbs (along w/the Lima motor some came on oe) & they R used on many of these ThriftPower engines (170, 200, 250) even ina bronk. Find what it was removed frm 1st so as to C if U need jet changes while still off (B4 a bronk instal). Also if off gradient (both frnt to back and side to side) mods are needed as fuel starvation/fuel slosh is possible.

Good Luck, let us know how U do~
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