F150 EFI 302 running bad

my truck runs,but, not running great. it has no power when accelerating. clough sputtering. it coughed and reminded me if deiseling. rpm went up really high just idling. replace fuel tanks, filter, pumps, injectors, distributor, throttle control, efi controls and sensors. don't know what else to do


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Had a 351 that did the same thing… i cut my converter off cause i figured it was plugged up… my biggest clue was i would floor it and it wouldnt go above 45 mph… as soon as i had the exhaust cleared up, she would do 70 no problem


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Hi and welcome. You mentioned changing everything but the fuel filter. I'm sure it just didn't make the list when you were typing- but if not, replace the fuel filter asap also. Next is what Dave said above- check for a clogged exhaust. Keep us posted! :)