ford falcon bf sr 2006 manual not staying in 5th gear?


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If changing the fluid doesn't fix it your going to have to pull the trans do anything more. Which had you rather do first? Be sure to get the right fluid too. No I don't know what fluid type yours needs.


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Make sure you use the correct fluid in your transmission. If the transmission is a 5 speed in a 2006 model, then you need to use
automatic transmission fluid (ATF), not gear lube.

When you drain the fluid from the transmission, let it flow into a filter or a clean container to check for any metal particles in the fluid.
Here's a tutorial on how to change the fluid:


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ok so swapping the trans fluid might still apply
Yes this is the first thing I would try, be sure to also check your owners manual for the correct ATF Fluid spec. that is recommended for use in your car, this is the minimum fluid spec. that you should use. Also check for any services bulletins that might of come out later from Ford on your car as to ATF Fluid spec. and transmission issues. Also upgrades to the ATF specs. might also of been made by the different oil company's since car was built when you read their labels you can see the minimum specs. plus addistional improvements. Best of luck