Ford Has a Better Idea Cost Constraint Fixes are $$$



Adam listed The Six Biggest Problems with Big Ford's, 1970-1979.

The disk rear brake option 9 inch had a very dangerous shrink ring axle bearing that chops out. Be very careful, it's a very difficult and expensive repair. With each of the Ford Finance Betta Idea Advance, 1) phenolic gears,
2) Bishops Kirby power steering,
3) Fan Clutch,
4) Ford proprietary 4bbl,
5) Distrovac and Hideaway VECI systems,
6) Variable Reluctor ignition,
7) frangible safety power window rollers, and

8. ) "That" disk brake axle... it all has to be repaired with better, smarter parts. And not one aftermarket, economy, grey slurry part will replace them. Ford Technical manuals allude to it all, but it's a life long learning process.