How many Fairmonts & Zephyrs are out there?


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JackFish":1sxj38i2 said:
Sounds like a great build you've got going there First Fox.
I too have an 8.8 I need to get going on, but with a fresh foot of snow last night it ain't gonna happen anytime soon! :roll:
Love the red engine.

Thanks man! I will have to snap a pic of the engine compartment after the turbo install. :cool: I too am chompin' at the bit for the snow to go away.


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1980zephyr":2773r89f said:
Did any of these come stock with rear defrost?

Mine did and it works great on the cold Michigan winter mornings. Yep, I drive it year round. :cool: In fact last year I was lucky enough to spin the car around on an I-96 on-ramp while it was raining/snowing and put it off the road backwards onto the plush sift grass and mud. The tow truck driver thought the car was awesome.

Nothing was hurt but my feelings. :beer:


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i just recently acquired my fourth fairmont after being without one for several years now. a tasty 82 four door sedan with the 3.3/auto combination. this car is in nearly perfect condition. i just need to rebuild the carb and fix an oil leak at the valve cover.

Hot 6t Falcon

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I bought a '78 Merc Zephyr Z7 this fall. 200, C4, PB AC, PS. Red body with a white top.

Only mods so far are getting some of the pollution control stuff off of it. But I am thinking... I'll start with adjustable rocker arms, 302 exhaust valve springs for the intakes and exhaust valves. It needs fresh valve seals. Then modify the spark advance curve. The C4 needs to be drained, flushed, a shift kit, and a linkage adjustment. Probably a new vacuum modulator too.

Right now I am just driving it. Every tank of gas makes it run and shift better. It was in a barn for 10 yrs. and a garage for another 5 yrs. The first thing I did was replace the master cylinder and do the brakes... you gotta be able to stop before you can go.

Dennis Schjeldahl


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Got one, a 78 with a 302.
I know, I know, its not a "6" but my 80 Mustang is.
Hey any Fairmont front fenders out there? Right front needed.
Hi! I just got an 83 4door sedan fairmont with the 200 i6. it sat in a garage for the past 15 years so I have a handful of things to do to get it running. 17k original miles on it, so the engine should be in good condition. for now im going to restore it to everything stock, and then modify it from there.
SteveS, I really like your '82 Cougar Wagon. That's really neat. My neighbor used to have one when I lived in California City a few years back. I don't know why, but I really have taken a liking to these Fox chassis wagons déménageur Reims. If I still lived out there, I'd do my darndest to talk you into selling it. I just think they are neat. Looks like JackFish has the start of an addiction too!
I also liked this model. Besides, I still keep a collection.