I need help.

So I picked up this Mav in pretty rough shape. It runs good now in town but as soon as I get on to the freeway and Cruze a bit it starts sputtering and back fires. The only thing I can think of is the missing choke thermostat is causing this. It's wide open all the time so if it's not there to move it the when it gets warm the mixture is off. Like I ssaid.. Help ..hahah


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Have you tried tying it open? Ie use some wire to hold it so the choke blade is always open (straight up) Until you can get the missing part. You can get a new coke cover from most good auto parts stores. Other then that have you checked the condition of the plugs, points, the distributor cap, rotor and wires yet? Good luck :nod:


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Does it only do the sputter at attempting highway speeds and only when it is warmed up? If so you could have a weak fuel pump. First check all your fuel filters. Keep us informed on your progress. Again, welcome to the Forum.

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Check the 38 year or older tank for crud. This alky fuel we get tends to loosen it up and plug things up.