All Big Six Intake manifold gasket weird leak - ideas? UPDATED 1/16

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You could maybe try loosening up the three bolts holding the exhaust manifold to the center of intake manifold than set the them on a good flat surface to line them up before retightening them. You might also replace that center gasket while you gave it apart too. Best of luck
I always left the 3 bolts slightly loose while installing the manifolds to the head the tightened after all others were tight - also after running and getting up to temp retighten


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Finally got it back up and running. The new manifold fought back a little bit - had to enlarge one of the bolt holes and the clearance for the studs on the lower front side was TIGHT. Reused the washers but installed new Hillco studs and a Remflex gasket. This van is running the best it's ever run, with more pep too. Hallelujah.




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Congrats on getting back running so good, and yes sir that's a really nice looking Econoline!