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What is up my fellow car guys! So im lucky enough to live in an area where weather conditions are fair like 99% of the time if you are not bothered by 100+ temps, the 1% is when we have hurricanes or tornadoes. But i know many of you all are prepping to put your beauties into storage and i wanted to pass on a little tip.
To prevent rats or other rodents from squatting in your project car over the winter spray some Mint scented car freshener all over your car about once a week. Febrese autofresh works really well also to kick those fur balls out (ask me how i know). Have a good weekend yall!


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Wait till you have a rodent destroy the wiring loom under the hood and see what happens. A brand new car was written off here some time ago.
I now spray inside and round the engine bay with a strong disenfectant and do so every second week to keep them out. I even found the rodents had eaten snails on the daily driver a few years ago as it was so warm in the cold weather.


I go with the "original fragrance" Irish Spring soap bars inside the car and drier sheets outside, rodent 'bait' in the garage/barn. Nothing worse than seeing an interesting car at a cruise and upon closer look are overwhelmed with the pungent stink of Camphor / MOTHBALLS ...

Having a few old barns, I experimented with the mothballs and agree - the rodents wont chew the mothballs, just everything around them :cool: ...

One barn was infested with snakes and had few rodents but unsettling snakeskins under and sometimes in the cars...
6'+ skins found hang on wall:

(garages have 'driveways', barns, not so much...)

have fun