Looking at a 1965 falcon. Interchange?

So I might abandon my Fairlane shell to switch to a falcon. How much falcon is mustang? I know suspension is same but export brace isnt. Floor plans? Wheel tubs?

Looking to drop a crossflow and T5 into it.


Lots is different. For 65, Ford had a transition affoot based on the 1966 Fairlane becoming the new frame standard for the Falcon and 67 Mustang. The width increase in the 62-65 Fairlane was copied over into the mid 64 "1965" Mustang.

The 60-65 Falcons kept its narrower catwalk and spring tower spacings and its 56 inch track. The Fairlane gave the Mustang its internal structure to get the long plenumb that adds the big long hood every proper 65 to 73 Stang, Cougar and unibody Montego, but for two or three years used the 65 Falcon dashboard. Sooo, the Roundbody Falcons have Fairlane ball joints, some upright IFS parts, but unique drag links and you cant share much.

The Holman Moody guys chopped and channelled and did a very early rendition if the Trans Am Illegal 69 Boss 302s with a sectioned cat walk. H-M did a 63 Falcon Sprint Hardtop with the later 66 Fairlane engine bay mids to fit in the Baby Bolt/Thundetbolt style FE engine. Essentially, the whole unibody frame can be cut and shut to use any unibody XK200 based inner structure from any other FoMoCo product.

You have to spend some time like I did at a junkyard to see what swaps over. On Mike1157s (Carmichaelangellos huge 550 page Ford Fairmont 250 Maverick and now Tojo 2JZE MonsterStocity...I linked the spring tower widths and spacings. In the Falcon forum, some info is there.

Its hard to do a Hollinger interchange on the pressings because Robert L McNamara made the Falcon and Fairmont and Tbird custom unibody cars with the pressings being custonised to each size. So the 62 Falcons gained some 62 Fairlane pressings, ball joints and torque boxes because they were being pressed in the same plant