Manual Steering

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Anyone here ever drive a late 70’s to early 80’s e150 or similar van with manual steering? Considering switching if it isn’t too bad to drive until I can change out the motor (to a 300) in my van. The engine is currently a 351m and the power steering hoses, bottom rad hose, fuel pump line, etc. are just jammed into 1 spot. I am constantly inspecting hoses and trying to route hosed to keep them from touching each other. Needless to say changing the oil filter is a challenge.


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I drive a 69 E200 with factory manual steering. After buying a rebuilt box, it steers like a dream as long as it's moving, even just a little bit. You just have to plan out your direction changing stops and/or how you're going to need the wheels when you take off again before you come to a stop.


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Electronic power steering looks to be an easy retro fit for most classic cars. It's the road I plan to go down with my 73. I'm done dealing with the pump, lines and leaks.