Missing my old car


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My sleep deprivation has got me regretting telling my wife last night to go to bed early and that ill watch our daughter… bedtime didnt come till 3 am… so living in regret my old mustang came to mind today too… she was beat up and war torn but she was mine… 1968 mustang coup that had no bells or whistles from the factor per vin code… that was perfect for me cause it was originally a six banger car so no one would care what i did to it so long as it was an improvement of some sort… a neighbor of mine back in new mexico had two tuner cars that were nicely done that i could appreciate… he then told me about cliffords 6=8 as i told him i had several 200 blocks that came with the car… and after doing more research on the ford 200 was how i found this forum… after a while i decided to scrap the 200 idea and install a 300 per the direction i found one another thread… Eventually i got it running and got to drive it around some before my DAD decided to remover the passenger door and broke all the bolts doing so, all this after i told him to leave it alone… 🤦🏽‍♂️ Parents… that put a stop to me having fun with the car and then baby #1 was on the way so away my car went… ill get another one some day and attempt to recreate the build as i got so much positive feed back at car shows and just taking her to put gas in it… for now yall can enjoy the pictures of jennifer/frankenstang/twoface…


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