This is absolutely insane. I have a 1988 f150 4.9 EFI. When I went to start it, it acted like there wasn't even a battery. Didn't even try to start. The battery tested 17 volts. I saw that there was a wire that would spark when I tapped it, connected to the negative part of the battery. Took it off to discover the wires were fried. I cut it back, stripped the wires fresh, and reconnected everything. Put on the soon as I touched the positive to the battery it sparked and the engine tried to start itself. The key wasn't even in the ignition whatsoever. Put the key in, wiggled the ignition around, and tried to touch the terminal to the battery again. Truck tried to start itself. What. Do. I. Do. Please help...


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sdiesel":3njjgc6e said:
did i read somewhere there is a swap out for the fender relay?
some kind of work around

They changed solenoids sometime in the 80s IIRC which supposedly reduced the number of problems like yours by a lot. Tell the guy at the counter you want a solenoid for a 96.