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there werent no 3L ford diesels were there? B near perfect sz to repower my bronk.


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I can't think of anything "In House" but maybe Ford/New Holland might have a Perkins in that displacement range.
Depending on your power needs vs weight/length you might be able to run either the MB om617 it's in your displacement range but coaxing more power from them goes only so far, the Kubota V-2203 is a mechanical DI turbo and they have been removed from refer units due to fleet emersions but they can make pretty good power but are only 2.2L.
Now that being said When it was time to put a diesel in me '68 F-250 Crewcab I chose the 3.8L Cummins 4 over the more common and cheaper 5.9L 6 to keep the vehicles weight distribution more favorable requiring a bit of work to the 4 cyl but in the end it was worth it at least to me.
What power level would you be happy with, diesel swaps has been my "gig" for the last 10 years or so and I have a pretty good knowledge base as well as some real smart friends that know much more that I do.


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Yup i wanna say 2019... a 3.3l i believe... had some issues which i think the biggest one was lack of sales... i dont think they were advertised cause i never saw it on TV and i was looking for a nee truck for my wife and the truck i was looking at turned out to be a F150 diesel