Offenhauser DP to Clifford heating difference.

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I changed from a Offy DP to a Cliff. intake. Both have the engine coolant flowing through them. I changed the intake and engine a couple of months ago, so I've been playing with/adjusting the choke to get it right. However, with the Cliff. intake, using the same holley carb as was on the Offy, I find that I have to warm up the engine for five minutes or it wants to die when I try to accelerate. With the Offy there was no problem. Once the engine is warm, it runs well.



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I've never had that problem with my Clifford. As far as I know, the Offy is built to use the factory manifold type of heat, whereas the Clifford has a long water jacket on the bottom of the manifold.

Did you readjust the carb due to the difference of the DP and the open Clifford?


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I was going to suggest carb tuning as well. My Clifford doesn't seem to make a difference with or without water heat, very small if at all.

Maybe it needs a fast idle?