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I am thinking about a power break booster for my 63 Ranchero. I know not exact fix on shock tower braces. Which one Work and last. And is Vacuum a problem. I'm running a Aussie 250 crossbow with a Autolite 2100. Thanks.


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I had purchased a billet 2-cyl master and booster in 2004, but it lost its seal by 2020. Went shopping online to a lot of places and ended up purchasing the LEEDS break kit w/out vacuum kit. (Its a standard 1967 Mustang kit so no special needs for repairs or parts) My 66 has the original Z-bar clutch so there was a slight modification. I had to redrill the firewall hole about 2" above the original. (There was no issue with internals or structure, but it does move the booster up to clear the Z-bar) The metal guide they give you with the kit allows you to reuse the same mounting holes as original. (I would chase them out first) Other than bending a few lines and bleeding, it was a simple process. The final fit was very clean.

The booster and dual master fit neatly above the Z-bar and under the export brace. While they say the piston rods are auto adjusted a the factory, I did have to go back in and adjust the booster rod to get the right pedal feel.

With my cam, I only had 7-9" of vaccum from the intake. So I purchased a rotary pump (VOLVO 79') a relay and PSI switch from AMAZON. Mounted them by the water bag and now I have a max of 27" and no less than 17" at all time. The pump only runs at less than 15" and shuts off at 27". I already had installed disc's in the front and drums in the back So it was a great upgrade from the billit kit. Pedal feel is great and at 1/2 stroke of pedal/rod..all four wheels will lock up


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