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From Pat Topolinski

Hello all! Normally I just come here to read topics and comments but I see a few things that might require some clarification.

The CNC'd head was not used in this iteration because we are going to use it in the FINAL VERSION of this build coming up in 2022. YES THERE WLL BE ONE MORE ITERATION OF THIS BUILD WITH SPICIER PARTS AND MORE BOOST! We had planned to try and get it in this year but our schedule is very fluid and other projects were moved around and needed to be completed first. Plus we are having the same issues with parts availability as everyone else. Welcome to TV production haha.

Promaxx did an outstanding job on both the hand-ported and CNC heads and we wanted to showcase the CNC head on the final combination. We look forward to running the new head very soon to show the results.

I know there are several unanswered questions on a variety of things but here are a few answers that I'll address:

The fuel used was 93 octane pump gas. No additives.
The turbo sizing was slightly large by design in anticipation for the final combination.
The boost controller was hooked up so there wouldn't be an overboost situation if something went wrong, hence just running on spring for max boost.
The distributor was a new product we will be talking about on the next show.
The Sniper controlled fuel only, not timing. Timing retard for boost was handled by another means.

This was a very fun project and shows what can be easily done to improve power on this extremely robust 6 banger. This engine was built with a parts selection for our intended application. Of course there are things what we would do differently if we had a different role for the engine. That's what custom engine building is: Building something to do a specific task. I encourage anyone who builds their particular combination to get it on a dyno and post your results. Since we are treading new ground on this we have to start somewhere and adjust from there. For the first whack at it the results were great and has lead to what we will be doing for the next build.

Thanks to all for watching the progression of this project! The final version will be a fun and show that this platform is capable of some incredible performance.
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