quick question...


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I want to get my seats reupholstered..

But it will cost me $400
Do you think tis worth it or should I just go buy seat covers, or should I try to find seats that will fit in my 72 Maverick?


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Is that price just for new vinyl, or including the replacement of foam and webbing underneath?

A lot of people do go for newer seats, and if needed they modify the mounts to bolt in. Better comfort is a clear benefit, as may be superior headrests. Then again, you might need them reupholstered to match the original interior!


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That is the price of only the upholstering. Just replacing the material. Iguess the seats are very different. They have lots of detail and a weird design.


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do you have buckets or a bench? if there buckets and there total crap not worth keeping make sure you keeps the tracks off the bottom. you can pick up nice buckets from the junkyard for a fraction of that price. mount them to the tracks and bolt them in. another option is to order replacment mustang seat covers and wrap them yourself. autokrafters sells the bucket seat foam too if you need it. but i still think picking up something from the junkyard would be your best and cheapest bet.


do you go one the maverick board? ask xpsnak on there. and i have 2 mustang 2 seat.


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I'd hit the wrecking yard, looking for some cool 6-way powered seats in good shape. Or at least some reclining buckets.