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Hi, I have a new to me 65 Ranchero. It has a much older power R&P conversion. Car has been sitting for 10 years so the conversion is at least that old. This setup turns like barge, it has lost much of its turning radius. Are there any newer better power rack conversions that will retain the turning radius?


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Welcome to the Ford a Six forum TurboWalt, from your discription it sounds like they used one of the GM rack and pinion units (Rear Steer type). These were being done back around that time frame most I ever heard about them is that the people were disappointed in how they worked and biggest complaint was that big change in the turning radius. Total Control has one that has a good reputation it's likely costly but here's link for info. http://totalcontrolproducts.com/rack.html

Uni Steer also makes a rack kit but it says that it's designed for use with the 1963 to 1964 V8 spindles so you may also need to change the spindles, don't know the reviews on it. https://www.unisteer.com/products/1960-65-ford-falcon-comet-power-rack-pinion-kit-black This would be a no go for me as the 1965 Falcon's has the very best stock steering geometry of the early Falcons.

Most of the other better set ups are based on the Pinto / Mustang II doing the complete front suspension swap and removing the spring toweres too, in that system it would use the Pinto / Mustang II manual or power steering rack. A good kit is made by TCI. Other than that you could probally go back to the stock type Falcon steering box with or without power assist, and there is a box made by Flaming River that is nice. Best of luck


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Bubba, thanks for the detailed reply. My brother just sent me some pics of what's going on with it. Looks scary to me?


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