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Okay so every diagram I have pulled up has been missing some of the wire colors I have in my vehicle. I am changing the already aftermarket radio and both factory connectors have been cut off. The colors I have are as follows:
White or tan/green stripe
Black/white stripe (x2)
Brown/pink stripe
Pink/blue stripe
Pink/green stripe
Blue/orange stripe
Orange/green stripe
Green/yellow stripe
Orange/black stripe
Yellow/black stripe
Blue/red or maroon stripe
Black/ green stripe

Power from I’m assuming battery installed from previous owner stand alone wire (red).
Any help on deciphering so I can get my radio hooked up would be great.

As previously stated all diagrams I have looked at either were missing wire colors or had additional wires which I do not have. Thank you.


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You didn't state the year and model of your car. Did your new radio come with a wiring diagram? Do you have a test light or volt ohm meter to test your wire harness. Newer Radios can having many more features and might need two power wires extra for a clock if equipped, Blue Tooth, Amp, etc. Below is a link for a 1968 Ford Mustang other models will be semular it shows factory wiring diagrams for both the standard AM radios, and the Am / Fm stereo tape decks. If all those colors of wires are in your orginal factory wire harness then we can assume that your car orginally had a factory stereo or was rewired for one, the colors seem to be a match for the Ford harness colors. I am having trouble seeing the small print this morning and would need to use my desk top to verify this. Good luck :nod:

1968 Mustang Radio Wiring Harness ... rousel-671


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Hi, to hopefully make life easier I would figure out which wires are going to the speakers, left front, left rear, right front, right rear, and that should get 1/2 the wires figured out. Don't assume all are needed. Good luck


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I totally forgot to put the vehicle information. I have a 1993 F150 XL 4.9.

Fortunately, after around 8 hours of working on combine over the passed two days I was able to figure it out by piecing together a couple different diagrams and taking a look at the inside fuse box.

I had a fuse blown, and a fuse missing which were essential for the radio to operate normally. The previous owner used a power cable directly from the fuse box to the radio for power, which I’m assuming was a bandaid to not being able to identify the power cable.

I replaced the number 8 fuse (radio memory) and the number 11 fuse (radio/radio display)

This allowed all of the stock power cables and accessories to function correctly in the radio harness.

After using a wiring diagram to get most of my wires matched up, I finished matching the remaining wires by trial and error.

The wires correspond as follows:

White or tan/green stripe-pass front (+)
Black/white stripe(1)-pass front (-)
Orange/green stripe-driver front (+)
Black/white stripe(2)-driver front (-)
Pink/blue stripe-pass rear (+)
Brown/pink stripe-pass rear (-)
Pink/green stripe-driver rear (+)
Blue/orange stripe-driver rear (-)

Green/yellow stripe- battery power
Orange/black stripe-didn’t use
Yellow/black stripe- ignition power
Blue/red or maroon stripe-didn’t use
Black/ green stripe-ground

Helpin out anyone else who runs into the same issue!


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:beer: good job glad you were able to find all the correct wires! Like you did I also like the radio to use the factory fused power sources so it's shut off with the key. Though direct wiring like the perivious owner did works it will also cause a larger draw on the battery when the car or truck is setting unused, only the radios memory needs full time power. (y) :nod: