Rag joint repair on '78 Ford F100

Old School Trucker

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Looks pretty simple. Just curious if anyone had any tips/experience. Manual steering. Remove pinch bolt at splined flange/box end. Remove bolts in rag joint (2). The question I have is do you just loosen the steering column bolts to slide the column back to remove? And do you need to remove the 3 speed manual shift rods or is there enough play in them to leave alone. Thanks.

Big six Farmer

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Been a long time since i have replaced a Rag joint on anything. It seems to me most of the time you dont need to take much apart on most. Im sure you can just take the Column loose and it should give you enough slack to change out the Rag joint. And im sure you dont need to take the shifter rods loose.


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I did have to loosen the column to make room to get my rag joint out. I made some new brass bushings for my shifters at the time, so l can’t say if they could have stayed installed or not.