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Seventy to eighty percent of the registrations attempted are from bots or spammers, who are attempting to place a link on our site. If they get approved, they post topics and/or links, which are normally to porn sites, drug sales, dating services, and so on. And once they get started, they are relentless. Unfortunately it's difficult for the Admin to determine if a new registration is from an actual person, or from a bot or spammer. The only thing we have going for us is that the spammers are not very creative. They normally register using common names, a mixture of common words or names, or jumbled text and numbers. As such, these types of USER NAMES are generally ignored. The best way around this, is to select a USER NAME which refers to your vehicle or the motor, or at least something automotive. For example, 82F100, 64Falcon, 66InlineSix, Turbo250, Offroad4x4, and so on.

If you are an actual person, using a common USER NAME, your account probably won't be approved until you email the Admin and request activation (see below). The easiest way to do this is to forward your "confirmation email' with a short sentence attached. For example, "Please activate my account".

When a new member registers, an e-mail is sent to the Site Admin for approval. While we do our best to approve them on a daily basis, sometimes this isn't possilbe. We might be on a business trip, taking a vacation, down with an illness, or whatever. As such, it may be several days before your registration is approved. If more than three or four days pass, you probably should email the Forum Administrator and request approval. Again....the easiest way to do this is to forward your "confirmation email' .

Your USER NAME and PASSWORD must be at least 6 characters (letters or numbers) long, but no more than 24 characters. Passwords must also contain mixed case (AaBbCc), using at least one upper case letter. Avoid user names that are sexual in nature or offensive, as they will not be approved.

Whenever you contact the Administrator, make sure you ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR "USER NAME" . Sorry, we're just not very good at guessing. If the User Name is not included, your e-mail will be ignored and deleted.

Note: Once your membership has been activated you automatically become a "New Member". As a new member, your first three post must be approved by a Moderator or the Administrator. Approval normally happens in a few hours, but it could take up to 24 hours, so be patient (do not email or PM any of the moderators or the admin requesting approval). After three post, you automatically become a "Registered User" and approval is no longer required. This is done to prevent Spammers from posting, if and when they get around the normal registration process, which does happen from time to time. Again, be patient, we'll approve them as quickly as we can.

MEMBER PRIVACY - While an email address is required to register, your email address are kept private at all times and are never shared or given to other members, or 3rd party persons or businesses, under any circumstances. If you want to converse with another member privately, we recommend using the Private Messaging feature, however you can email them using the Email button in their profile or post. Note that their email address is hidden, in an effort to keep email address private. However when you send them an email, they will have your email address, and you will have theirs if and when they respond to your email. This is why we recommend using the Private Messaging feature whenever possible. Also note that SPAMMING is strictly forbidden, regardless of how it's done (by posting, private message, or email). Any and all violators will be banned from the forum indefinitely.

Make sure you read, and abide by, the forum RULES & REGULATIONS, that is if you wish to avoid temporary suspensions or being ban from the forum.
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