Ridetech Rear Composite Monoleafs


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Had these Ridetech composite mono-leafs sitting in my shed for a couple of years, and finally decided it was time to put them in, b/c I'm not doing the 8" rear end anytime soon so the old 7-1/4" is gonna have to do for now...


boy..that took a LOT longer than I wanted it too!

Decide to clean things up a bit with a wire wheel, brushes, and a couple of cans of Brake Clean...
Oh, and lots of back pain...neck pain...and elbow grease!


A little quality primer and paint makes things pretty...ya know...for the stuff NO ONE is going to see LOL!!!
New gasket (she was leaking quite badly), and fresh Lucas 80w-90.





Sorry for the lack of pics, my employer wasn't happy with me taking half days all week to do this. And like all my projects, there was many trips the hardware store, Harbor Freight, and NAPA.

The Ridetech instructions were OK... if I had to do this again, It'd be a piece of cake from what I learned first time around with it.
The Del-A-Lum bushings were a pain to get in at first. But like I said, there's a trick that makes it easier.

Along with the OpenTracker front suspension I did last year, which included...

1″ drop template (Arning/Shelby Drop)
1/8″ Poly coil spring insulators
Performance 1″ drop coil springs
1 ” front sway bar kit
Roller spring perches
Street performance blueprinted upper arms
Roller Lower arms
Adjustable strut rods
Steering kit with roller idler arm
Bilstein Sport front shocks
Bilstein rear shocks

And the Legendary Wheel 15" 4-Lug / BF Goodrich 215/60-15 combo, she handles SO much better.
Those Bilstein's are amazing.

When I go around an embanked fast corner and hit a road seam or bump, it doesn't chatter and bounce to the white pained line on the outside shoulder of the road. Steering is sharp and quick. Stopping is better with those Adjustble strut rods, plus I have a front disc conversion.

Overall it didn't make the car feel modern/vanilla or homogenized. It still feels like an old Mustang...but better!

Anywho... CHEERS! --Wak

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Looks good! I almost just bought those springs. But, finally decided on the Scott Drake Mid-Eye.
You made some great decisions with your suspension setup. Enjoy the ride.. :)